City & Statewide Demands for an Anti-Racist State

  1. We Demand the immediate divestment of School Resource Officers within New Haven Public Schools. This divestment and termination of contracts should be followed through with an investment in school counselors. 

  2. We Demand the immediate divestment of the New Haven Police Department. Reducing the proposed NHPD budget from $43 Million to  $10 Million and depositing those extra $33 Million in our Public Education System. 

  3. We Demand that $20 Million Dollars be taken out of the proposed budget for NHPD pensions and be allocated to create Affordable Public Housing. 

  4. We Demand the end to the triple occupation of the New Haven community Performed by NHPD,YPD, and HPD

  5. We Demand that New Haven Alders stop being complacent in entering more Yale Police Department Police officers into the New Haven Community 

  6. We Demand that every officer within the state of Connecticut that has been involved in the killing or beating of a Civilian be prosecuted with the full weight of the law. 

  7. We Demand that the people who are elected to the Civilian review board are viable people elected by the community . 

  8. We Demand the Immediate end to police brutality within our City,State, and Country.