Youth Coalition Building

Citywide Youth Coalition recognizes the importance of youth leadership in all communities within New Haven and across Connecticut. We honor the history of the organization by ensuring resources are distributed among:


Anti-Racist Youth Leadership

Freedom Tuesdays - are cultivated by the mutual support and liberation of our youth members. Our youth organizer facilitates this weekly after-school program held at City-Wide Youth Coalition; Jeremy Cajigas from 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. Political education is prioritized during Freedom Tuesday meetings. Jeremy collects current social issues concerning racialized policies, social norms, and mental health. Every session, our youth members collaboratively develop strategies that address these issues throughout Connecticut, The United States of America, & Environment. The thunderous wave of passion that exists among C.W.Y.C.'s youth members amplifies the silenced voices of communities. Skills adapted through Freedom Tuesday meetings include; facilitation, campaign planning, community organizing, and self-care. Stay updated with our weekly conversations & please join us for Freedom Tuesdays!

Black & Brown Gender Justice Education

Black & Brown Youth Queer Camp - is an eight-day summer camp centered around the experiences of black and brown queer youth. This camp was born out of the need for safe spaces for Queer youth of color to talk about their struggles and the battles they face with other queer youth who look just like them. LGBTQIAP+ Camp covers all types of issues from inclusive sex education all the way to racism in the LGBTQIAP+ community. In its second year of operations, this year will include an Undoing Racism workshop as part of the camp in an effort to have deeper conversations on race within the LGBTQIAP+ community and have a better understanding as to how we begin to organize around the issues that impact queer youth of color the most since they aren't just limited to issues surrounding sexuality and gender.

Black & Brown Racial Justice Education 

Anti-Racist Youth Leadership Dev. - Youth members of C.W.Y.C. organize around social issues that directly impact their safety, access to space, and equity within our state. Anti-Racist leadership development encompasses the culture of our organization’s Anti-Racist Principles into soft/hard skills to equip our youth members for community organizing. 

Our Anti-Racist Principles are listed below as follows :

VoteFor16 Campaign  - In most cities, lowering the voting age requires an amendment to the city’s charter. The details of the process are different for each city, but in most cities the general steps are as follows. Before starting a campaign to lower the voting age in your city, it is important to do a follow-up research and understand the specifics of the process in your city. Vote16USA can assist with this research for individual cities. 

Use votefor16 pictures on instagram and current apparel (tees, buttons, etc)