We are creating a courageous community where ALL YOUTH can Succeed.



Citywide Youth Coalition, Inc. (CWYC) is an organization that was founded by way of grassroots organizing. Back in the summer of 1976, thanks to the tenacity of local youth-serving professionals and community activists seeking to create more opportunities for youth, the CWYC was born.
Members of the community demanded that the city of New Haven provide more services for adolescent teens and pooled their resources to:

  • Establish a free breakfast and lunch program to feed kids during summer break (1970's and 1980's)

  • Develop a transportation plan to support summer programming (1990's),

  • Develop a partnership with Yale University's Consultation Center to establish the Youth Development and Training Center (1990's-today)

  • Develop and support a youth-led campaign to revise the city's charter to include two student seats on the New Haven Board of Education.


As we move forward, CWYC is vested in supporting youth organizing to include youth as partners in leading change in New Haven.


Who We Are


Citywide Youth Coalition, Inc. is a network of over 500 youth-serving staff, community stakeholders and individuals in the New Haven urban region (i.e New Haven, East Haven, Hamden, and West Haven). 


2017 Members: Sportsometry | Catholic Family Charities | Happy Family | New Haven Reads | YMCA | Music Haven | New Haven Ecology Project | Farnam Neighborhood House |‘r kids | New Haven Promise | International Festival of Arts and Ideas | Fighters for Justice


Our Mission


We work together to build a courageous community in which all youth can succeed.


Our Vision


The New Haven urban area hosts a true youth-serving system that effectively speaks with a unified voice when articulating youth needs and goals, fosters collaboration so that youth service providers reach all young people, and publicly acknowledges the positive value in youth voice and youth leaders, as well as the dedicated people who support their development.


Our Values 

We believe Youth Success:

  • Requires Community: because only by working together can we provide the scope and scale of services, supports and opportunities our youth need.

  • Benefits the Community: because successful young people energize their neighborhoods, enhance the overall quality of life and serve as the community leaders of tomorrow.

  • Is Possible in Every Community: because even neighborhoods challenged by concentrated poverty and serious crime are also made up of youth, families, and organizations with tremendous assets, strengths, and talent.

The Need to Serve


Youth voice is often absent or minimized in issue discussions that directly impact them. CWYC maintains the philosophy that youth voice is an essential tool for social change. However, CWYC also recognizes youth voice must also translate to youth POWER for youth to impact systems reform. CWYC’s aim is to strengthen young leaders and youth-serving staff personally and civically,
with the belief that the New Haven area will undoubtedly benefit from an inclusive, united, and supported youth network whose voice will usher forth positive changes for all.


Who We Serve 

Citywide Youth Coalition, Inc. has opportunities available for youth-serving adults and young adults (ages 14-25) who work, go to school, or live in the urban New Haven region.


Our Opportunities

For youth-serving adults:

  • Monthly Coalition Meetings: This monthly meeting provides our network of over 500 youth-serving adults with the opportunity to learn best practices from experts in the community through workshops, panel discussions, open forums, etc.

  • Youth Collaborative Meetings: This bi-weekly meeting provides representatives from member organizations with the opportunity to work collaboratively with other member organizations to provide wrap-around services and supports for New Haven youth.

For youth:
Youth ‘N Dialogue: Also known as Dinner & Dialogue, this bi-monthly town hall series co-facilitated by youth advisory board leaders and youth-serving adults aims to inform the youth of the community on topics that impact them, while also creating a liberated space where intergenerational exchanges can occur.
Youth 'N Action: Led by our Youth Advisory Board, the Youth 'N Action component is responsible for connecting youth across the city who are working on youth-led campaigns for social change. The participants organize themselves using CWYC resources to mobilize the community. CWYC staff also offers trainings on Undoing Racism and Youth Organizing 101 to increase the capacity of the youth involved at this level.
Youth 'N Power: CWYC staff appoint youth members who have demonstrated a commitment to creating change in their communities to positions on the CWYC Youth Advisory Board. These young people are the faces of CWYC who advocate on behalf of the initiatives decided by the youth advisory board.

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